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Dental Appointments

A referral form filled out and signed by your dentist is required prior to scheduling an appointment at VanEndo, except for patients who are seeking second opinion. It is important to note that most endodontic procedures require a follow-up restorative treatment to be performed by your general dentist in a timely manner.

Pre-screening protocols and triage by telephone are provided by our office admin personnel for all patients prior to booking an appointment.

Most patients are scheduled for an initial consultation visit for an assessment, reaching diagnosis, discussing treatment options, risks, benefits, alternatives and our financial policy, and planning for subsequent visits and follow-ups.

For patients who present to our clinic with emergency pain or swelling, we usually allow enough time during the same appointment for the treatment to be started. However, more appointments are usually required to complete the initiated root canal procedure.

Scheduling FAQs

To book an appointment at VanEndo, please call us via phone 604-879-0661 or kindly, fill out our secure request form below.

On the day before your appointment, you will receive a reminder call from us. If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, please call us as soon as you can to let us know.

Please call us immediately about any change of plans as soon as possible, so another patient may be able to use the space in our schedule.

New Patients Welcome

Looking for an endodontist in Vancouver? We are happily accepting new patients. Contact us to get started today.

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